5G Router

LTE / 4G / 5G Router

An 4G (LTE) or 5G router offers you the ability to establish a constant data connection to an 4G (LTE) or 5G network and use this data connection with multiple devices simultaneously. To do this, an activated SIM card from a provider of your choice is inserted directly into the SIM slot of the 4G (LTE) or 5G router. After proper configuration, the router establishes a constant 4G (LTE) or 5G connection to your provider's network. Your devices can then use this data connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. The 4G (LTE) or 5G router manages the organization within your network. Such a router can be used in a variety of scenarios, whether in a private household, office, RV, on a boat or yacht, or for controlling systems, photovoltaic installations, or vending machines.

If you have a weak 4G (LTE) or 5G signal at your location, you can significantly boost the signal with an external 4G (LTE) or 5G antenna. 4G (LTE) or 5G routers typically have appropriate external antenna connectors for this purpose. The best results are usually achieved with an outdoor antenna with the shortest possible antenna cable. This way, even in areas with weaker coverage, a stable and fast data connection can be established.

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