Antenna Cable 4G / 5G

For the connection between 4G or 5G antenna and a router, surf stick or compact travel router, you need a coaxial antenna cable and, if necessary, a coaxial adapter. We offer suitable TWIN cables (also called duplex or dual cables) as cables. This cable has two separate wires that are run in one strand. The cable can therefore be used without any problems for the MIMO technology used in 4G and 5G. We offer the cable with N male plug to SMA male plug in various lengths. In addition, you will also find extension cables for an existing connection in our range, as well as window bushings and connection adapters / pigtails for TS9 / CRC9.

Here is a small overview of the typical plug types used for antennas, routers and surfsticks or travel routers. If you still have questions about the right plug choice, please do not hesitate to contact us.

4G / 5G antenna: With 4G and 5G antennas it is quite simple. The manufacturers of the antennas mainly use the coaxial connection of the type N female socket. So you need a cable with an N male connector on the antenna side.

4G / 5G router: Connections of the type SMA female socket are mainly used on a router. On the router side, an SMA male connector is therefore required on your antenna cable. In a few cases, however, there are also 4G routers with a in TS-9 or CRC-9 connector format. These are then rather small 4G or 5G travel routers or routers with a very compact design.

4G / 5G surf stick or travel router: Type TS-9 connections are usually used here. We recommend using an antenna cable with an SMA male connector and a coaxial adapter. Make sure you use a pigtail, i.e. a short adapter cable, instead of a usual adapter. The TS-9 connector is a very small, delicate connector. A simple adapter would have quite a large leverage here.

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