Complete Kits WiFi, 4G, 5G

Many ports, marinas, hotels and campsites usually offer free or subscription-based WiFi for customers and guests. To keep the WiFi stable even from a long distance or below deck with several end devices, we have put together special WiFi systems. The antennas / systems offered are wind and weatherproof, so that they can also be operated outdoors in the long term without any problems.

The TravelConnector system in particular is ideal for use on boats and in mobile homes. The different mounting systems offer a variety of installation options - The material used is extremely robust and can withstand even aggressive seawater (marine grade). The various WiFi antennas of the TravelConnector system are suitable for different purposes. Read more about this on the respective product page.

We are always happy to help with any questions, ambiguities or when it comes to planning. We also offer interesting upgrades to the TravelConnectors with e.g. an 5G / 4G router that can be used worldwide.

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