UniFi Accesspoints

Ubiquiti UniFi system is a highly innovative and high-performance solution for wireless networks for use in homes, hotels, restaurants, events, small and large businesses.

The UniFi system can be scaled by using any number of UnFi access points and is therefore a very flexible solution. The UniFi access points work together in a kind of network and form a common, large WiFi network. The UniFi access points can also be mixed with each other.

The UniFi system is controlled by the free UniFi controller. It is a software that can either be installed and operated on a PC or operated in the form of a standalone solution (UniFi Cloud Key / GEN2 / GEN2 PLUS).

The UniFi access points are available in different versions. For indoor and outdoor, in the standard, long-range and PRO variants, with simple 802.11ac or the more powerful Wave2 standard. So you get the matching UniFi AP's for the appropriate use.