BATLINK MAO5GV2-4 - 9dBi LTE / 4G / 5G Outdoor Antenna, 4x4 MIMO, Marine Grade

The BATLINK MAO5GV2-4 is a multiband 4x4 MIMO 4G / 5G antenna with omnidirectional characteristics, a white casing, and a performance gain of up to 9dBi. The antenna covers the frequency range from 698 MHz to 3700 MHz and is therefore fully compatible with common 4G and 5G frequencies. Due to the high-quality materials used (V4A and ABS plastic), the BATLINK MAO5GV1 antenna is also suitable for maritime use (marine grade) as well as for use as an outdoor 4G / 5G antenna and withstands even extreme weather conditions (IP66) and aggressive seawater.

With a performance gain of up to 9dBi, the 4x4 MIMO 4G / 5G antenna reliably increases the range, signal strength, and data transmission rate of your connection. The omnidirectional antenna is compact and has a shock-resistant casing. The BATLINK MAO5GV2-4 consists of four individual antennas mounted on the included 4x4 MIMO V4A stainless steel mast mount. The delivery also includes robust V4A pipe clamps, so the antennas can be mounted individually if needed.

Optionally, you can order a matching antenna cable (N-plug to SMA plug). This is compatible with almost all 4G and 5G routers. Suitable adapters, window feed-throughs, and antenna mounts can be found under accessories.
Antenna Cable 
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