5 GHz Sector Antennas

Sector Antennas:The signal opening angle of a sector antenna is significantly smaller than that of an omnidirectional antenna. Sector antennas are designed to illuminate large areas with long ranges. This type of antenna is therefore particularly suitable for setting up extremely large WiFi networks (e.g. at a campsite). Usually you use several sector antennas to get a full 360 ° coverage.

A simple application example would be the use of five sector antennas, each with an opening angle of 90 °. Yes, exactly, five! This results in a total of 450 ° - Since sector antennas always generate less power in the edge areas, it makes sense to work with overlaps in order to generate a stable signal over the entire area. So you have a large range and (especially in networks with many users) a good load balance on the AccessPoints.

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